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Increasing access to PTSD Service Dogs for survivors of Abuse.

Are you a professional who’s interested in helping us increase access to PTSD service dogs for survivors of abuse?

We need you!

The Freedom K9 Coalition is a national group of professionals who volunteer their talents to help increase access to PTSD service dogs for survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. 

What does it mean to “increase access”?

We’re the only organization currently in the United States that specializes in training PTSD service dogs for abuse survivors (see more below about what it’s currently like for survivors seeking a service dog), and though our goal has always been to spread awareness with the hope of seeing more organizations like ours pop up, we’ve started the Freedom K9 Coalition to directly help solve this need.

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Membership Benefits

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Exclusive Member's Sweatshirt

Available in sizes S to 5XL, flex your membership with this exclusive black sweatshirt for Coalition members!


Membership Certificate

Signed by one of our service dogs and our CEO, display this certificate to show all who  see it that you're helping to increase access to PTSD service dogs for abuse survivors!

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List your website on our  homepage!

With over 4,000 monthly visitors, increase your site's visibility, expand your base, and   show your support! 


Statement logo pin

Lowkey and subtle, this pin looks stylish with any trendy outfit.

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Use of our Coalition logo

You'll be given a PNG file of our logo to use on your website, socials, or however you like.

Membership Categories

Join Us!

After you submit this form, you'll immediately get a email to schedule a

30min meeting to go over logistics and give you an opportunity to ask us questions.



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