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this is how our 100% volunteer run organization is structured

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A board of directors, also known as a nonprofit board, is the governing body of a nonprofit. The members of a nonprofit board focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability of the organization. This contrasts with volunteers or managers who oversee the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit.

Our committees consist of dedicated volunteers all across the United States, and is structured to help the Board of Directors accomplish the organization's objectives. For example, the Fundraising Committee doesn't make big decisions about fundraising, but does help raise the funds needed.

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Dog Walk

The more seats at the table, the better.

Our panels and volunteer teams are a part of the Freedom K9 Coalition, which is a national group of professionals committed to helping increase access to PTSD service dogs for abuse survivors. As big decisions are made, our panels of professionals weigh in to help ensure we can be affective and stay true to our mission.

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