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Taking Clean Vacations: A Post-Recovery Travel Guide

Planning your first post-rehab vacation? Traveling is a good way to fend off triggers, like stress and anxiety, but avoiding alcohol on trips can be a bit tricky. Keep these sober vacation tips on hand to keep your next vacation free of stress, worries and, of course, alcohol.

Traveling Sober Is Totally Doable

It seems like every social media photo of a friend’s trip or a celebrity’s vacation includes a glass of wine or cocktail. But the reality is that more and more people are traveling without drinking. As people begin to abstain from alcohol and other addictive substances and live cleaner lives, clean vacations are also gaining in popularity. A few sober travelers have even started blogs and social media profiles dedicated to alcohol and drug-free vacation fun. You can check out Clean Fun Network and Sober Senorita for inspiration and to see how other sober travelers have still made their vacations fun.

Getting Your Home Ready Can Relieve Stress

You know you need to pack and prepare your travel documents ahead of time to avoid delays and added costs. It is also a good idea to prepare your home if you are looking to cut down on your expenses. Use this helpful list from HomeAdvisor to vacation-proof your home. Walk through your home and unplug any appliances, to avoid wasting energy and money. You should also turn down thermostats if no one will be occupying your home. Taking time to prep your home will help you stress less on your travels and make your homecoming much more relaxing.

Choosing the Right Destination Is Key

A fun weekend in Cabo or Las Vegas may seem like a good way to celebrate your sobriety. But these locations are known for their part vibe and may make it more difficult to abstain from your addiction. Some other destinations you may want to avoid are New Orleans, Savannah, and Amsterdam, as these locations are famed for their access to alcohol and drugs, as well any beaches or cities that are popular for college spring breaks. Try looking for sober destinations that have plenty of clean, cultural fun. You could take a road trip through Colorado or travel to a country with limits on alcohol, such as Malaysia. There are tons of destinations to enjoy without using drugs or alcohol.

Setting Up Sober Accommodations

Whether you plan on exploring the city or spending a week on a tropical beach, you need a place to stay. You should avoid all-inclusive excursions at all costs, such as drink-laiden resorts or cruise ships. If you opt for a hotel room, it may be helpful to look for a hotel that does not have a bar. In hotels that offer a minibar, call ahead an ask the hotel staff to remove all alcohol and check that this task is done as soon as you check-in. Another idea to ensure clean accommodations is to look into vacation rentals. Vacation rentals, from sites like AirBnB or these alternatives, can give you a break from the busy vibe of traditional hotels and you will be able to control what comes in and out of the home.

Talking About Your Sobriety

If you end up talking to people during your travels, whether it be friends, family, or other tourists, chances are you are going to end up talking about your sobriety. If you plan on traveling in a group of friends, be upfront about your treatment and how important staying sober is to you and your health. This will help your friends avoid offering you drinks or pressuring you into situations that will threaten your sobriety. If someone, whether it’s staff or tourists, offers you a drink, know how to say “no” in a polite yet firm way and how to put a stop to unwanted pressure.

Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to celebrate your sobriety, so long as you are thoughtful in your travels. Avoiding alcohol and drugs while traveling doesn’t have to be stressful, and vacation should be your chance to relax, unwind, and recuperate from the tension you’ve put behind you. So go enjoy yourself! You deserve it!

(Photo Credit: Pexels)

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