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Depression Is...

Depression isn’t always what one might think. It’s not as simple as feeling sad, or down. It’s much more complicated, and for those of us that struggle with it, it can be very difficult to explain.

Depression is…

1. Seeing the dishes in the sink, but feeling too overwhelmed to clean them.

2. Crying on the way to work, but putting on a convincing smile when you walk in the door.

3. Knowing in your head that something is beautiful, but not being able to feel the beauty.

4. Feeling everything and nothing all at once.

5. Feeling heavy and somehow sticky, weighed down by something you can’t explain.

6. Always feeling out of place.

7. Being exhausted all the time.

8. Feeling trapped in your own bed.

9. Wanting to emotionally be there for you friends, but feeling unable.

10. Feeling like a disappointment to yourself.

11. Constantly wondering if you’re depressed or you’re lazy.

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