We're so happy you're here! To download the application, click the button that says "DOWNLOAD APPLICATION." There are  separate parts for different people to fill out:

1.) You

2.) Family or close friends

3.) Therapist or counselor (leave blank if not applicable)

Once you fill out the application, click the second button that says "SUBMIT APPLICATION", and attach the application in the email. Once the application is submitted we will surely review it, however keep in mind that we have many applications to go through and doing so can take a long time. We want to make sure that you'll benefit from one of our dogs, and to make sure of that we must be thorough. 

Because our dogs are trained so intensively, we don't have very many dogs each year to place. If you don't receive a dog this time around, don't be discouraged. We will keep your application and keep you in mind for our next round. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we'll be sure to answer.

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